The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code
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1 !> Module containing all hydrodynamics
2 module mod_hd
3  use mod_hd_phys
4  use mod_hd_hllc
5  use mod_hd_roe
6  use mod_hd_ppm
8  use mod_amrvac
10  implicit none
11  public
13 contains
15  subroutine hd_activate()
16  call hd_phys_init()
17  call hd_hllc_init()
18  call hd_roe_init()
19  call hd_ppm_init()
20  end subroutine hd_activate
22 end module mod_hd
This module contains modules that users could want to have in their mod_usr.t code,...
Definition: mod_amrvac.t:3
Hydrodynamics HLLC module.
Definition: mod_hd_hllc.t:2
subroutine, public hd_hllc_init()
Definition: mod_hd_hllc.t:13
Hydrodynamics physics module.
Definition: mod_hd_phys.t:2
subroutine, public hd_phys_init()
Initialize the module.
Definition: mod_hd_phys.t:190
Hydrodynamics PPM module.
Definition: mod_hd_ppm.t:2
subroutine, public hd_ppm_init()
Definition: mod_hd_ppm.t:13
Module with Roe-type Riemann solver for hydrodynamics.
Definition: mod_hd_roe.t:2
subroutine, public hd_roe_init()
Definition: mod_hd_roe.t:19
Module containing all hydrodynamics.
Definition: mod_hd.t:2
subroutine hd_activate()
Definition: mod_hd.t:16