The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code
MPI-AMRVAC 3.0 Demo simulations


A set of Demo simulations, all found in our tests/demo folder

2D linear advection of the VAC-logo, and particle sampling

Our favorite density pattern in the VAC-logo shape gets diagonally advected, while we sample the solution in three locations.

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2D Reaction-Diffusion Gray-Scott evolution

A 2D reaction-diffusion PDE system shows self-replicating spot formation.

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1D hydro Shu-Osher test

This 1D hydro test shows a shock impinging on a sinusoidally varying density region. We demonstrate how varying reconstructions/limiters handle especially the compressed density variation trailing the right-ward moving shock.

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2D hydro Kelvin-Helmholtz evolution

A 2D pure hydro evolution of an initially sharp-interfaced shear layer: with the identical initial setup and only changing the reconstruction/limiting strategy, qualitative differences appear in resolving density fine-structure.

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2D gas-dust coupled Kelvin-Helmholtz simulation

A similar setup, but now with dynamically coupled gas-dust species, where the coupling strength parameter varies (top row to bottom row, increasing the coupling). Left panels show the gas evolutions, right panels the dust species.

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2D hydro Thermal instability and runaway

This test shows how thermal instability driven by radiative losses in a 2D hydro setup can evolve towards a runaway condensation followed by a fragmentary, dynamically adjusting multiphase medium. Note how the slowly evolving gradual thermal imbalance suddenly changes into collapse and further erratic behavior.

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2D MHD Alfven shock

Here we let an Alfven (intermediate) shock hit a density variation containing Alfven's image. Three different flux schemes produce overall consistent end results, also involving a corrugated shock front.

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2D MHD Tilt instability

Only varying the numeric magnetic monopole control in a 2D MHD test: we find consistent evolutions of an ideal MHD tilt instability, where the finite resistivity causes chaotic islands to form in the final reconnecting stages.

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Charged particle motion

In the central region of the tilt setup from above, the current density variation shows lots of fine-structure, and this could be an ideal site for particle acceleration. Here we show how we trace particle dynamics in a fixed snapshot from that simulation.

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