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mod_usr_methods::internal_bc Interface Reference

internal boundary, user defined More...

Public Member Functions

subroutine internal_bc (level, qt, ixIL, ixOL, w, x)

Detailed Description

internal boundary, user defined

This subroutine can be used to artificially overwrite ALL conservative variables in a user-selected region of the mesh, and thereby act as an internal boundary region. It is called just before external (ghost cell) boundary regions will be set by the BC selection. Here, you could e.g. want to introduce an extra variable (nwextra, to be distinguished from nwaux) which can be used to identify the internal boundary region location. Its effect should always be local as it acts on the mesh.

Definition at line 106 of file mod_usr_methods.t.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ internal_bc()

subroutine mod_usr_methods::internal_bc::internal_bc ( integer, intent(in)  level,
double precision, intent(in)  qt,
integer, intent(in)  ixI,
integer, intent(in)  L,
integer, intent(in)  ixO,
double precision, dimension(ixi^s,1:nw), intent(inout)  w,
double precision, dimension(ixi^s,1:ndim), intent(in)  x 

Definition at line 107 of file mod_usr_methods.t.

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