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mod_init_datafromfile.t File Reference

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module  mod_init_datafromfile
 Module to set (or derive) initial conditions from user data We read in a vtk file that provides values on grid.


subroutine, public mod_init_datafromfile::read_data_init ()
elemental double precision function, public mod_init_datafromfile::read_data_get_3d (ivar, x1, x2, x3)
elemental double precision function, public mod_init_datafromfile::read_data_get_2d (ivar, x1, x2)
elemental double precision function, public mod_init_datafromfile::read_data_get_1d (ivar, x1)
subroutine, public mod_init_datafromfile::read_data_set (ixIL, ixOL, x, val, nval)
 Set values according to user data. More...
subroutine mod_init_datafromfile::read_vtk_structured_points (fname, bc)