The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code


MPI-AMRVAC is in use on Mac laptops, Unix desktops, and modern supercomputing facilities. The following software is required:

  • A Fortran compiler, e.g. gfortran or ifort
  • An MPI library, e.g. OpenMPI or intel MPI
  • perl for the VACPP preprocessor (standard on Unix-based platforms)
  • git to download and update the code

Getting the code

To install the code in folder ~/codes/amrvac:

cd ~/codes
git clone

Setting path

To use MPI-AMRVAC, the installation directory must be exported as an environment parameter called AMRVAC_DIR and this variable can be added to the command searching path. To do so using bash, you should add the following line to your ~/.bashrc file in b shell linux (or ~/.profile in b shell mac OS, ~/.zshrc in z shell mac OS):

export AMRVAC_DIR=$HOME/codes/amrvac

You can then activate the setting by sourcing this file (or you can close and open a new terminal shell),

source ~/.bashrc

Update the code

It is recommended to update the code regularly to benefit from new improvements and new features which are continuously developed. To update the code:

cd ~/codes/amrvac
git pull

If you modified any source code of amrvac, which has an updated version, "git pull" will fail to update the code. You can give up your modification by "git checkout your_modified_file" after making a copy of your own version (if you want to keep it), then update the code. If you want to contribute your modification of the code, please read Contributing to MPI-AMRVAC and its documentation for more information.