The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code
Todo List
Page A list of global TODO items

Replace magic numbers with symbolic constants for clarity (errorestimate)

Replace strings with symbolic constants, which increases performance (typeaxial typeB typefull1 typeprolonglimit typeghostfill)

Page Code style guide
Include a parameter dp
File comm_lib.t
Convert this file to a module
Subprogram comm_start
Check for errors in return code
Subprogram mod_constants::zero
Remove these
Subprogram mod_geometry::curlvector (qvec, ixIL, ixOL, curlvec, idirmin, idirmin0, ndir0)
allow for 4th order CD evaluation here as well
Subprogram mod_geometry::curlvector_trans (qvec, qvecc, ixIL, ixOL, curlvec, idim, idirmin, idirmin0, ndir0)
allow for 4th order CD evaluation here as well
Module mod_global_parameters
Move the parameters to the relevant (physics) modules
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::ierrmpi
Make local
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::isaveit
Move to amrvac.t
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::isavet
Move to amrvac.t
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::itsavelast
remove itsavelast?
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::n_saves
Move to mod_input_output
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::nbufferx
is it necessary?
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::npe
Move mpi related variables to e.g. mod_comm
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::tsavelast
Move tsavelast to amrvac.t
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::typegradlimiter
Remove / replace with gradient_limiter
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::typelimiter
Remove / replace with limiter
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::unitpar
Move to mod_input_output
Subprogram mod_initialize::initialize_vars
Explain which ones are not initialized here
Subprogram mod_input_output::read_arguments ()
Document these command line options
Page Source language
Fix source code rendering on this page (I have already submitted a Doxygen bug report). For now I've added a space between \ and }.