The MPI - Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Versatile Advection Code
Todo List
Page Code style guide
Include a parameter dp
File comm_lib.t
Convert this file to a module
Subprogram comm_start
Check for errors in return code
Subprogram mod_constants::zero
Remove these
Subprogram mod_geometry::curlvector_trans (qvec, qvecc, ixIL, ixOL, curlvec, idim, idirmin, idirmin0, ndir0)
allow for 4th order CD evaluation here as well
Module mod_global_parameters
Move the parameters to the relevant (physics) modules
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::ierrmpi
Make local
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::isaveit
Move to amrvac.t
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::isavet
Move to amrvac.t
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::itsavelast
remove itsavelast?
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::n_saves
Move to mod_input_output
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::nbufferx
is it necessary?
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::npe
Move mpi related variables to e.g. mod_comm
Subprogram mod_global_parameters::tsavelast
Move tsavelast to amrvac.t
Subprogram mod_initialize::initialize_vars
Explain which ones are not initialized here
Page Source language
Fix source code rendering on this page (I have already submitted a Doxygen bug report). For now I've added a space between \ and }.