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mod_constrained_transport.t File Reference

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Data Types

type  mod_constrained_transport::ct_velocity
 velocities store for constrained transport More...


module  mod_constrained_transport


subroutine mod_constrained_transport::recalculateb
 re-calculate the magnetic field from the vector potential in a completely divergency free way More...
subroutine mod_constrained_transport::fake_advance (igrid, idimLIM, s)
 fake advance a step to calculate magnetic field More...
subroutine mod_constrained_transport::fake_update (ixIL, s, fC, fE, dxD)
 fake update magnetic field from vector potential More...
subroutine mod_constrained_transport::b_from_vector_potentiala (ixIsL, ixIL, ixOL, ws, x, A)
 calculate magnetic field from vector potential A at cell edges More...
subroutine mod_constrained_transport::reconstruct (ixIL, ixCL, idir, q, qL, qR)
 Reconstruct scalar q within ixO^L to 1/2 dx in direction idir Return both left and right reconstructed values. More...


type(ct_velocity), save mod_constrained_transport::vcts